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Past Responsibilities

Manager of Primary Engineering

The Manager of primary systems plays a critical role in planning, directing and controlling the efficient and timely design of electric system load relief and reinforcement projects while operating within assigned capital, O&M and human resource budgets.  

Responsible for the design and performance of the electrical distribution feeders in Brooklyn and Queens operating in the range from 4kV to 27kV.  This area serves a population of 4.7 million and is comprised of 18 separate secondary networks and over 40 radial distribution systems including 4kV primary grids, 4kV loops, and 27 kV loops.  The transformer capacity served by the distribution feeders is over 8,400 MVA.

Develops and administers plans and procedures to improve the performance, integrity and reliability of the electric distribution system.

Reviews distribution system performance and provides guidance to operating forces and System Operations during emergency and contingency conditions.

Directs the design of electric outside plant facilities within budget and according to approved specifications and regulatory agency procedures.

Evaluates the performance and integrity of the Brooklyn and Queens Electric Distribution systems and participates in the development and implementation of goals and plans to upgrade the distribution system.

Ensures compliance with operating, housekeeping and safety procedures, which provide for employee safety and welfare.

Enhances the Company’s public image by maintaining a high degree of professionalism.

Directs and enforces the administration of the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Contract.

Provides a positive employee relations atmosphere through the proper and effective administration of the Company’s policies, procedures and practices, including but not limited to salary administration, training, motivation, counseling, performance appraisal, discipline and security.

Complies with the company’s Equal Opportunity Employment (EEO) policies and instructions.

Operating General Supervisor (2004-2007) (Feeder Control Representative and Emergency General Supervisor)

Serves as Operating Authority for portions of the overhead and underground primary feeder distribution system

Directs switching on 4kV and 27kV overhead and underground distribution system facilities

Monitors and responds to system conditions on 4kV and 27kV overhead and underground distribution system facilities using available control center technologies, i.e. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems (SCADA)

Responsible for the repair and restoration of underground high tension conductors, services and devices to ensure that the safety of all crews are in compliance with operating procedures, engineering plans and specifications

Responsible to review primary feeder work packages and engineering drawings before distribution feeders are removed from service

Ensures that subordinates’ work activities are performed in a safe and efficient manner and in accordance with established policies and procedures and governmental regulations

Manage, dispatch and coordinate all subordinate titled personnel in the repair and restoration of underground high-tension conductors and equipment of the electrical distribution system

Controls and documents all work related activities on system high-tension feeders by permitting only authorized personnel to sign on and off feeder assignments

Notifies all company departments and/or outside agencies as required by procedures during emergency conditions and as needed

Communicates, coordinates and controls standards, measurements and procedures for operating supervisors and subordinate titles to effect safe and efficient work practices

Administers and communicates operating procedures and engineering plans and specifications to personnel to ensure the proper operation, repair and restoration of underground conductors, devices and equipment

Enforces Company procedures, personnel policies and practices. Plans, organizes, schedules and assigns supervisory personnel and their crews to optimize productivity and meet operating and system conditions

Monitors and controls activities of all Emergency, Underground Construction and Cable Installation Crews during the off watch

Enforces Company policies and procedures relating to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Chemical Substance Abuse, Discipline, Security, Productivity and Environmental. Reviews and implements System Operations, Distribution Services and other Company policies and directives

Supervises the Senior Office Assistant in drawing emergency layouts associated with the repair, reliability and replacement of defective cable splices on trouble feeders


Engineering Supervisor (2002-2004)

Plan and direct the activities of Senior Designers and subordinate title personnel in the planning, design, reinforcement and expansion of the electrical distribution system

Analyze network and non-network systems, prepare, design, and layout projects according to National Electric Safety Code and company plans and specifications

Responsible for the final approval of all engineering drawings for the upgrade, reinforcement, and new installations on the electrical distribution system

Responsible for planning and design of  the load relief and reliability projects on the 4kV and 27kV radial distribution systems in the Brooklyn and Queens region of New York City

Serve as duty engineer.  The duty engineer is responsible for all engineering decisions and guidance to the Energy Control Center regarding the electrical distribution system in the Brooklyn and Queens region of New York City

Maintain feeder rating & load book for radial systems

Monitor construction of all projects designed by the engineering group

Ensure projects are properly mapped upon completion of the construction phase

Ensure requisite employee training is up to date and engineering designers are on track for advancement to more senior titles

Perform cost estimates for projects, select most cost effective option weighing System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) and Customer Average Interruption Duration Index (CAIDI) benefits (measures of reliability)

Maintain knowledge of latest technology and evaluate its potential use on the electrical distribution system


Chief Engineer / Ship Superintendent (1998-2002)

Ship Superintendent Responsibilities

Scheduling and carrying ship though all US Coast Guard (USCG) and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) inspections for certificate issuance and maintenance

Overseeing all contractor work, major overhauls and shipyard periods

Preparing specifications, planning, organizing and supervising ship and fleet availabilities and drydock periods

Performing all budgeting and accounting for entire fleet including monitoring vessel costs against budget and initiating controls with the vessels' crew

Maintaining all inventory, maintenance, inspection, and personnel records using ABS SAFENET®, Seaworthy Systems SAMM, and other custom designed programs

Design and planning of all vessel modifications and new system installations

Prepare reports on vessel performance and implement plans for improvement

Designing and maintaining computer programs using MS Access, Excel, and Visual Basic programming for use by ship’s crew (including ship stability program and accounting software)

Recruiting, hiring and retention of all engineers and permanent crewmembers

Approve and monitor crew overtime and implement controls

Maintain knowledge of latest technology and evaluate its potential use aboard fleet vessels

Training Ship website development and maintenance

Other responsibilities of a traditional port engineer or ship superintendent

Chief Engineer Responsibilities

Second in command of the training ship

Overall maintenance, repair and condition of unlimited tonnage training ship, tugboat and workboat fleet (both deck and engineering departments)

Supervising and training of all licensed engineers and licensed mates on board

Instructing engineering and deck students in the following professional subjects: Electrical engineering, ship’s construction/naval architecture, ship stability, ship’s business, port engineering, shipyard management, air conditioning and refrigeration, seamanship, shiphandling, navigation, electronics, and other engineering and shipboard subjects

Maintain & update ship's library of vessel drawings and manuals

Responsible for the safety, stability and seaworthy condition of vessel


Assistant Engineer/Mate/Tugboat Master (1995 – 1998)

Assistant Engineer

Performed all maintenance and repair on ship and Academy fleet.  Systems Include: HVAC, electrical generation and distribution, hotel services, structural, propulsion, Sewage collection and treatment, computer systems and network hardware, electronic automation and control, refrigeration, plus others

Supervised engineering students to accomplish the proper maintenance and repair of ship

Responsible for the maintenance of the power plants on all vessels in the fleet (approximately 10 large vessels and 20 small vessels)

Master of tugboat on voyages in Long Island Sound, East River and NY Harbor

In charge of every aspect of vessel operation and movement

Responsible for maneuvering of vessel

Instruction of students in navigation and shiphandling

Responsible for the safety and seamanlike condition of vessel

Mate aboard training ship

Responsible for the deck department

Stood navigational watches, piloted vessel in narrow channels, areas of heavy traffic, restricted visibility, strong tides and currents, docked and undocked ship, etc.

Maintained interior and exterior steel and deck systems

Maintained all navigational electronics and equipment

Supervised deck students and other deck officers to accomplish proper operation and maintenance of the ship


Master / Chief Engineer (1994 – 1995)  

Captain of 65 Gross Ton, 72’ Motor Yacht

In charge of a crew of twelve

Responsible for all vessel movements, stood navigational watches, piloted vessel in narrow channels, areas of heavy traffic, restricted visibility, strong tides and currents, docked and undocked vessel, etc.

Pilot vessel in the Northeast US

Responsible for the overall maintenance and repair of vessel

Chief Engineer of 65 Gross Ton, 72’ Motor Yacht

Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the 1300 Horsepower diesel plant and auxiliary equipment

Prioritize work and supervise engineers to accomplish maintenance and repair of vessel's power plant and auxiliary systems

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